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It’s time for our yearly fund drive and boy have things changed since last year. Here is what has been going on:

– Since 2019 we have been on a mission to become state rescue certified. Grants have allowed us to purchase the necessary tools needed to qualify. Our members have also committed to the training needed to meet the qualifications and as of February of 2023 we are now state certified at the operations level.

– We’ve also had enough members become fire fighter 1 certified (180-hour course) to reach the state certification silver level which is 50% or higher of our fire team.

– We’ve signed a contract to buy a Rosenbauer tanker pumper to replace our engine and tanker. We were awarded almost $500,000 in grants to help purchase this truck.

While grants have been a huge part of our success in achieving our goals, we still can’t do everything without your continued support. Donations are still our main source of funding for training, equipment, operational and building costs each year. Upper Milford Township relies on volunteer firefighters 24 hours a day to respond to fire calls, accidents, weather related emergencies, pet rescues, search and rescues and assist EMS when necessary.

All donations are tax deductible! Your donations will help us maintain the highest level of service to our ever-growing community.

Does any of this interest you? We are always looking for new members. Don’t want to do firefighting? We can always use help fund raising or become an  administrative member. Check us out on Facebook or our website www.uppermilfordfire.org

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All our workers are volunteer firefighters who risk their lives to protect our community. Join today and be part of something great.