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Meet Our Crew

We're proud to have over 30 volunteers serving our neighbors in Upper Milford

Upper Milford Western District Fire Company Officers & Crew

Welcome to the “Meet Our Crew” page of the Upper Milford Western District Fire Company. Each member showcased here represents the heart and dedication of our team, always ready to serve and protect our community. Get to know your firefighters who selflessly volunteer their time and expertise for the safety of Upper Milford Western District.

Administrative Officers

Mike Kline


Russ Siminski


Paul Ulicny


Kevin Kleinsmith

Financial Secretary

Owen Mutchler


Larry Murphy

Membership Secretary

Wayne Shade


Lamont Christman


Craig Batman


Wayne Shade


Company Officers

Mike Kline


Wayne Shade

Deputy Chief

Chris Edwards

Assistant Chief

Kevin Kleinsmith


Collin Sentner

1st Assist. Engineer

Russ Siminski

2nd Assist. Engineer

Larry Murphy

Fire Police Captain

Scott Drobnis

Rescue Lieutenant

Firefighter, Fire Police, and Support Volunteers

  • Craig Batman
  • Ellias Bell
  • Matthias Bell
  • Eric Robert Brenner
  • Lamont Christman
  • Stanley Cupp
  • Dakota Delong
  • Ashley Dries
  • Zach Dries
  • Steven Erbrick
  • Kevin Ewart
  • Erick Haman
  • Justin Haman
  • Steve Haman
  • Kurt Knauss
  • Jason Marsch
  • Alex Murphy
  • Owen Mutchler
  • Aidan O’Brien
  • Tyler Schmetzle
  • Tyler Stone
  • Paul Ulicny
  • James Yons

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Our dedicated volunteer firefighters risk their lives to protect and serve our community. Volunteers are needed - join today and be a part of something extraordinary.


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    Thank you so to all of the UMWD firefighters who quickly came to the aid of our daughter in her recent car accident. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the amazing way that you cared for her in a time of need. You all are wonderful!


    Please let your firefighters know how much we appreciate their fast response during our home fire last week. We never thought this could happen to us and can't thank you enough for helping to save our home!

    MildredPowder Valley

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit our second grade class, and for the invaluable lessons in fire safety. The service that your volunteers provide is invaluable to our community.

    TaraTeacher, 2nd Grade