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The History Of Our Fire Company

Your 100% Volunteer Fire Department Since 1942.

For over 80 years, the Upper Milford Western District Fire Department (UMWD) has been a beacon of safety, service, and community spirit in our community. Established in 1942 with the mission of protecting the residents of Upper Milford’s western district, our department is comprised of 100% volunteer members of the community.

To Protect & Serve

In response to the devastating fires that ravaged multiple businesses in Upper Milford, combined with the looming threats of World War II, the township’s residents saw a pressing need to establish a Fire Company for collective safety. On March 4, 1942, a pivotal meeting took place at the Zionsville Reformed Church, leading to the decision to set up two Fire Companies: one in Vera Cruz and the other in Old Zionsville.

Thanks to the relentless dedication of our volunteers, coupled with the generous support and contributions from both the community and neighboring Fire Companies, progress was swift. The Upper Milford Western District Fire Company officially received its charter on May 25, 1942. For several months, meetings took place at the Shimerville Hotel until the Yoders School House became available. Since then, regular meetings have consistently been held on the first Thursday evening of each month.


Our First Truck

Our first truck was a Diamond T, sourced from the chassis of a 1937 coal truck previously owned by Irwin Sell. We acquired the chassis from Berman Motors in Pennsburg for $1,400. Even this used equipment acquisition required clearance from the O.P.A. in Washington D.C. Howard Stauffer collaborated with a representative from the Special Equipment agency and another chosen associate to obtain the special equipment.

Ultimately, we secured the 1937 Diamond T chassis. In February 1943, Harold Fegley drove the chassis to Indiana to have the body and pump installed. By October 1943, the truck was formally dedicated and showcased in a ceremonial event. It was stationed at Irwin Sell’s garage from 1943 to 1952, until our own facility was ready.

Our Station

The Upper Milford Western District Fire Company (commonly known as Old Zionsville Fire Department Station 19) is situated in the heart of Eastern Pennsylvania. Our station is located at 6341 Chestnut Street, in the town of Zionsville, PA 18092.

The Fire Company is dedicated to serving and safeguarding the local community, which encompasses Powder Valley, Shimerville, Vera Cruz, Old Zionsville, and Zionsville. Serving Upper Milford Township along with Citizens Fire Company in Vera Cruz, we also lend support to our neighbors in Hereford, Seisholtzville, Macungie, Lower Milford, and Emmaus. The fire company’s central location allows us to efficiently attend to emergencies in these areas, ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

We are always looking for new members, so stop by any Thursday after 7 p.m. – we’d love to show you around!

Become A Member

Our dedicated volunteer firefighters risk their lives to protect and serve our community. Volunteers are needed - join today and be a part of something extraordinary.


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    Thank you so to all of the UMWD firefighters who quickly came to the aid of our daughter in her recent car accident. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the amazing way that you cared for her in a time of need. You all are wonderful!


    Please let your firefighters know how much we appreciate their fast response during our home fire last week. We never thought this could happen to us and can't thank you enough for helping to save our home!

    MildredPowder Valley

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit our second grade class, and for the invaluable lessons in fire safety. The service that your volunteers provide is invaluable to our community.

    TaraTeacher, 2nd Grade